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Did you know that you can pay some USCIS fees via credit card?

Did you know that you can pay some USCIS fees via credit card? Go to to read about which fees can be accepted by credit card. For the most part, any fee for a form that goes to a “Lock Box” can be paid by credit card. To pay by credit card, submit Form G-1450 with the USCIS form that you file with USCIS.


However, before submitting the credit card payment for a USCIS fee, make sure that your form is going to a lock box and that your form fee can be paid by credit card. Also, before paying by credit or debit card, make sure that your card has enough funds or a sufficient credit limit to accept the charge from USCIS. USCIS will only attempt to charge the card once. If the card is rejected for any reason, USCIS will immediately reject the case and send the entire case back to you or your attorney. If there is a deadline for your filing, USCIS’s rejection of the filing fee could affect your eligibility for the USCIS benefit that you are seeking.

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