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DOMA Immigration Attorney

DOMA Attorney

DOMA immigration attorney, Ellen Sullivan, is honored to assist married or engaged same sex couple in obtaining all the federal immigration benefits and rights that they are entitled to under the 2013 United State Supreme Court decision to overrule DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). National same sex and immigration rights advocacy groups estimate that there are more than 36,000 couples nationwide that can benefit from DOMA’s demise.

Compassionate Representation in DOMA Immigration Matters

Since August 2013, DOMA Attorney, Ellen Sullivan, has proudly represented United States citizens and green card holders so that their international spouse can receive a green card. As an experienced referral attorney for Immigration Equality, a member of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) and the Women’s Bar Association and graduate of Northeastern University Law School and Dartmouth College, Ellen Sullivan finds work on DOMA immigration cases deeply rewarding, especially given this pivotal moment in the United States’ civil rights history. The Law Office of Ellen Sullivan, P.C. can represent you in a broad range of matters related to DOMA immigration, including:

  • Immigrant visas for same sex spouses and fiancés, and their qualifying family members
  • B-visas for cohabitation, including same sex partners of nonimmigrant holders
  • Green cards for same sex spouses of United States citizens, and the children of their same sex spouses
  • Applications for naturalization for same sex green card holders (under certain conditions) living in the United States and married for at least three years

DOMA Attorney and Much More

Beyond DOMA immigration matters, DOMA Attorney, Ellen Sullivan, boasts more than ten year of excellence in representation of clients in family, individual, employment, and humanitarian immigration matters, as well as asylum, deportation, and removal cases. Ellen also handles legal matters related to protection orders, criminal defense, civil litigation, collections, and residential real estate.

Call Ellen Sullivan, DOMA Immigration Attorney, Today

Having practiced U.S. immigration law for clients the United States and abroad, Ellen Sullivan speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese. For a DOMA Immigration attorney you can rely on, contact Ellen Sullivan today at (781) 343-7777.

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